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It’s a fantastic news for everyone who wants to be a web developer someday. I’m going to start another series of Tutorials on Web Development. In These tutorials, I will go through HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, Bootstrap Framework, WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and Web Hosting from the bottom.

I have seen so much websites / blogs which are teaching you about these topics separately. But in here, I’m going to teach them altogether. So I invite you all, join with Aiten Tutorials. On every Tuesday, I will post an article on Web Development.

Let’s start from the very basics.

What is the Internet?

Simply, we can describe Internet as a network of networks. So we can communicate each other so fast and easily by using services of Internet. Let me give you some examples for services that Internet provides to us.

  • World Wide Web
  • Email
  • File Sharing Services

World Wide Web (WWW)

Sir Tim Berners Lee considered as the founder of World Wide Web (WWW). WWW  is a collection of documents and other resources in the computers which are connected to the internet. Those documents (Other resources) are interconnected by hyperlinks. So we can access those resources by clicking on those hyperlinks. That’s what we are doing always in the web. We move here and there by clicking those Hyperlinks.


We can describe a Website as a collection of web pages. Those webpages can contain texts, audios, images, videos and etc.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

HTML is the main language that we use to create web pages. The main point you should never forget is, HTML is not a programming language. It’s a mark up language. That means, HTML is just used to create the structure of a web page. It does not use to write any logic in a program. That’s why we say that, “HTML is not a programming language”.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

CSS is used to make your website more colorful and attractive. without CSS, your web page is just like a skeleton without muscles, skin, clothes and makeups.

JavaScript & PHP

Both of these languages are considered as scripting languages. But there is a difference between these two languages. That is, JavaScript is used for CLIENT side scripting whereas PHP is used for SERVER side scripting. Let me explain that client side, server side thing. Generally, JavaScript runs on the browser you are using to access the web. The browser belongs to the client. That’s why we say that, “JavaScript is a client side language”. On the other side, PHP runs on the server (The location of the webpage you accessed). Don’t get confused, I will explain more about these scripting languages in the future tutorials.


Bootstrap is a free front-end framework that can be used to develop responsive websites more easily with the templates which have already developed in the bootstrap framework.


We say that, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). Means the development part of the webpage is almost done, we only have to manage the content of our website. By using WordPress, we can develop creative, responsive websites/ blogs with a little effort.

Although we have a lot of WordPress like tools and technologies to develop websites easily, I highly recommend that, please learn those languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX,  and any other Web Development related languages as much as possible. Because, that will make a really powerful web developer who can utilize latest web development technologies very well.

If you like to learn more about the Evolution of the Web, Please Click here.

That’s all for today. The second article of this web development tutorial series will be published on next Tuesday.  So stay with us.

And finally, the comment area below is absolutely for you, So please tell me your suggestions and ask your questions there. And If you think this tutorial is valuable, please share this with your friends.


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