Hello my dear beautiful readers…! My first article is all about Ubuntu operating system. I hope it may be helpful for someone.

So, What is Ubuntu? Ubuntu is an open source Linux distribution which is based on Debian. According to the Ubuntu website, it has a built-in firewall and virus guard. So Ubuntu is a good and secure operating system to use. I told you that it’s an open source operating system. That means, The source code of Ubuntu is available for anyone and Ubuntu has no licensing restrictions. As well as, It supports for many languages around the world. That’s pretty cool right…?

Actually, Ubuntu is really easy to use. But at first, It may be a little bit hard to get comfortable with it quickly. But if you live it with at least a week or two, you will understand that Ubuntu is really addictive, beautiful and simple operating system which has good performance with an interesting interface. To make your life easier, Ubuntu comes with some pre-installed software applications such as Libre OfficePpackage, multimedia players and Firefox web browser which are essential for your day to day tasks. The other good thing is the Ubuntu Software Center. It is like “Play Store” of your Android based smart phone or the “App Store” of your Apple iphone. That means thousand of software applications and games are away from you for just few clicks. Huh haa… That’s awesome..!

As a software and web developer, I really like to do my development tasks on Ubuntu installed environment. I have been using Ubuntu since 2011 and I haven’t face any stupid issues such as system lagging and virus attacks so far. So I think Ubuntu is an excellent operating system to be used by students, developers, teachers, office workers and any other person who use computers in their lives.

Now I’m going to tell you about how you can get Ubuntu. It’s extremely easy. Go to following link and download Ubuntu. I recommend you to download latest LTS versions of Ubuntu. LTS stands for Long-Term Support. That means they provide free security and maintenance updates for five years. So here is the link. Just download Ubuntu – https://www.ubuntu.com/download.

You can download an iso file of Ubuntu and just write it in to a DVD. The next step is to install it. Ubuntu doesn’t have very expensive requirements and it also has good hardware diver support. Almost all the time, hardware drivers such as video and sound will be installed automatically while installing Ubuntu OS. You can find the installation guidance by reaching following link. https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop

Just enjoy it. Good luck guys…!

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