Most useful websites you must visit and know about (Part 2)


It’s a computational knowledge engine which answers almost all of your questions rather than providing some web pages.


This site can be used to find a song by singing or humming.


Simply, it’s all about E-money. You can do whatever you are good at in this website. That means you can sell any of your talents / skills to anybody in the world. So I think it’s a good place to start your journey of online money. The minimum amount you can earn for your work is $5 and the Fiverr company takes a commission of one dollar for every 5 dollar payment.


Do you want to watch a movie with your kids or your parents? Just try this website and check whether the movie is suitable for everyone.


If you are a layout creator, this site would be much helpful to you. You can generate dummy images and put them in your templates.


This site can be used to convert any of your raster image to a vector graphic. For anyone who don’t know about raster images and vector graphics, here is a small explanation.

Raster images are made of tiny dots called pixels. Each of those pixel have specific color and when we enlarge the image, those pixels are getting bigger and the quality of the image will be lost. On the other hand, Vector graphics are made of some kind of lines. We call them as paths. So we can enlarge vectors without losing the quality. JPEG, PNG, BMP are some examples for Raster image types. SVG is an example for vector graphic type.


As the site name says, It’s a webpage about you. You can use this site as a professional way to tell someone about you. Actually, you can put anything here. Your personal details, your career details or any other thing. It doesn’t matter. It’s totally up to you.


If you want to replace a software with new one, this is the website you must visit. This website will show you some good quality software applications alternative to your older software.

DRAW – (

This website can be used as an online diagramming tool. By using this tool, you can draw diagrams such as UML, ER, Flow Charts and so on.


One of the best places to generate color pallets according to standard color rules.


Photo by Stanley Dai on Unsplash

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