How to Reduce Belly Fat

When you use your computer daily for a long time, you continuously sit there for hours. This will make some discomforts. Some are easily reversible. But some are very difficult to reverse. Belly fat is one of the main problems that affect to your health. It not only makes you ugly but also makes you stressed. Gradually big heavy belly will make you difficult to sit for a long time. So this will be an affect to your profession too.

In the modern world, the non communicable diseases play a major role than the communicable diseases. As a non communicable disease Obesity has become a health threat to the normal lives. Obesity occurs by excessive deposits of fat in the body. Fat supplies energy, organ padding, helps to make cells, dissolves the fat soluble vitamins & hormone synthesis. Specially these excessive fat can be seen in belly due to the less movements of the belly muscles & high intake of fat. Simple methods will help you to reduce the belly fat. If you are a female there is something you should know that, hormonal changes can make you fat. So you may need a doctor than using these methods. If your weight is more than 100kg you should need a doctor. Try these steps to reduce the belly fat. These steps will definitely helpful to you.

  1. Eat less oily foods such as foods fried with oil or oil added foods. Eat less sugar, sweets & processed foods or flour based foods like breads & buns. Eat more fruits & vegetables. You can take Fish oil & row olive oil. They will not make you fat. Liver produces 75% of cholesterol for our needs. We should get the rest 25% from food. There are good and bad lipids for our body. Low density lipids (LDL) are called bad lipids. They cause atherosclerosis and will cause heart attacks. High density lipids (HDL) are called good cholesterol. They regulates LDL storage, removes extra cholesterol and promotes excretion. There are mainly two types of LDL as saturated fat and Trans fat. Animal based products like cheese, butter, eggs contains saturated fat. Prepared products like buns, biscuits, bread, cakes contains Trans fat. Olive oil and sunflower oil contains HDL.

  2. Add pepper, garlic, ginger, curry leaves (Murraya koenigii), Brindal berry (Garzenia combogia) (Goraka), lime juice to your meal daily.

  3. Eat an easily digestible food at night. Eat less meat or rice at dinner. Try soup or fruits.

  4. Try non fat milk. No full cream milk powder, curd, cheese, ghee or butter.

  5. Drink more water. But use less water just before & after foods because it can reduce the digestion. Have hot water after oily foods.

  6. Don’t have meals after 9 pm.

  7. Exercising will keep you healthy. If it is difficult try walking or dancing. Yoga will be very successful. Yogasanas like Naukasana, Padahastasana, Pavanamukthasana, Ardha matsendriyasana and Bhujangasana will reduse belly fat. There are so many exercises for belly. Move your belly.

  8. Limit the sitting time to less than 2 hrs. Change your postures.

  9. Sleep well.

  10. Use green tea.

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