How to change your mind from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE in 5 seconds

Hmm.. Interesting topic right..? Yes of course… It’s really interesting. And I know you want to read and need to learn this awesome method as quick as possible. Okay. Let’s start.

You need to be successful..? Am I correct..? Let’s see… Be honest with you and ask following questions from youself.

  • Do I really like to live in a big house with a beautiful pool in a large city of my country?
  • Do I like to have branded cars in my house?
  • Do I love to have more money than now?
  • Do I like to buy all of the latest smart devices?
  • Do I like to buy latest fashions in the world?

I’m pretty much sure, you definitely have those kind of dreams. That means YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL. You have that desire. It’s a good thing. But the question is. Do you work for that? Do you work hard to make those dreams come true? Most of your answer may be…

  • “No”
  • “I’m not sure”
  • “I think I do, But I have got no result yet”
  • “I’m trying, But I cannot do”

If your answer is one of above, The reason may be the negative mind of you. How to identify your mind. It’s really easy. When you trying to so some hard work to make your life better, if your mind says “Don’t do it” or “Do it later”, surely you have a Negative Mind. So first you must practice your mind to think in a positive manner every time. In this article, I will tell how you can start to practice your mind to do so. First of all, you should think about you and your mind as two separate objects. I will tell you the reason later.

Before that, let me give you an example with an Interesting fact. “Many people in this planet use several alarms to get up early in the morning” 😀 😀 That means most of us are super LAZY. That’s so sad huh…? Don’t worry, I will tell you now, how can we change those kind of negative habits or negative thinking patterns.

Let’s take the same example above. How to get out of bed as soon as we hear the first alarm..? When you hear the alarm, just open you eyes and start to count 5 to 1. Remember that, 5 to 1. not 1 to 5. Then you will definitely be able to put your feet on the floor and getup once.

But how..?

The main secret is in the BACKWARD COUNTING. When we count backwards, we have to think a little bit about the number should come next. So your mind have no time to think about any other thing like “Let’s sleep a little bit more”. That means you can do whatever you wants, not your mind wants. Let me explain that. If you have a Negative Mind, it will not let you to do what you should do. Always it will try to let you down. So don’t let it take your decisions until it starts behave positively.

Use this backward counting method in your every decision until your mind starts to think in a positive manner. The good point is, your mind will definitely stats to think positive way some day. Because it don’t like to take too much pressure. When you pressure it again and again to behave positively, it will definitely give up it’s arbitrary behavior and starts to behave as you want. Until that, just use this backward counting method and keep practicing your mind to be positive.

I must say, after you practiced enough your mind to stay positively, it will unveil the path of your success. Because you have killed your main enemy of your life – “The Negative Mind”. That means, you have the best friend you can have in your lifetime – “The Positive Mind”. It will bring you to the PEAK OF THE SUCCESS. Definitely…!


Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

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